A curated urban garden space for weddings, corporate events, workshops, and more
616 E Haley Street(805) 308-6465
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The Courtyard

49 x 34 ft of outdoor space adjacent to the barn. Entertainment, lounge, and dinner-ready.

The Factory Floor

3000 sq feet of entertainment space.

The Barn

500 square feet of customizable space outfitted with a state of the art audio-visual system ready for parties, workshops, and seated dinners.
150" screen & projector
Disco balls & lights
House sound system


Client Logo


High speed wi-fi
Built-in Projector Barn
In-House Sonos


Site manager for duration of the event
In-house entertainment options
Cleaning crew included in rental


4 bathrooms
Seating up to 50 people with our farm tables and chairs
4 Pyramid Patio Heaters with Propane
Water station & Ice
Trash on site

Common Questions

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Get in Touch

Are there dressing rooms on-site?

We don’t have dedicated changing areas but there are 4 restrooms onsite.

Are there Parking Options?

Depending on event size and type of the event, we have various parking, valet options, and parking lots for rent near by.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes, we offer special pricing for our non-profit partners.

The Factory Site Plan

The Factory History

Established in 1946 by Federico and Bertha Claveria, La Tolteca Tortilla Factory derived its name from the Aztec term "metropolis." This factory was the third of seven establishments bearing the same name, with the other six owned by Claveria's relatives and a close friend, spread across regions from Southern California to Phoenix, Arizona. Through tireless 12-hour shifts, Freddie and Bertha eventually expanded to open another restaurant in Santa Barbara. By the 1980s, La Tolteca had emerged as a prominent business in Santa Barbara County, employing around 40 full-time staff who produced a remarkable 720,000 tortillas weekly. The Claveria family business was honored with multiple accreditations, including the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce Recognition Award. Claveria himself is credited with pioneering the initial significant automated tortilla-making process.

Visual remnants of the Factory’s history can be observed throughout the property, including iron tortillas topping the posts of the entrance gate made by David Shelton, brother of the famous Santa Barbara architect, Jeff Shelton.

La Tolteca’s iconic Model T Ford "Pie Wagon" was sold in an auction to a local firm, Goodman Reed Motorcars, LLC who have added it to their permanent collection on Santa Barbara history.

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Ken and Jen's Wedding
December 20, 2023
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